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Gru'uhnd's Return (Major), Manehattan Vampires (Minor)

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Major EventsEdit

  • RETCON: Fluttershy is just a ghoul
  • Gru'uhnd returns and arrests half the cast
  • Cast is distributed through their various punishments.
  • Gamzee is taken to the Asylum. Gets out because Marceline has A lot of political power.
  • Miss Inkwell and Terizi are taken to the Pleasure Palace to be servents (and food).
  • Giga Watts, Aradia, Rumble, Sollux, and Equius are all taken to the House of Science. Sollux and Equius toil in the mines bellow while Aradia is almost dismantled. Giga Watts and Rumble are Interrigated.
  • Tavros and Rainbow Dash are taken the the Gentlemen's Manor. Tavros is used as a living dart to break Rainbow Dash free and escape with one of the Gentlemen friendly to Gentle Coltte's cause.
  • Vriska, Gentle Coltte, Starry Skies, and Applejack are taken to The Judgement Grounds. Vriska and Gentle Coltte are pitted in a fight to the death against each other. If they don't escape this, Starry Skies and Applejack are next.
  • The Abyssal Hold is now the home of Trixie and Twilight. Trixie is currently having a break down.

Minor EventsEdit

  • Gamzee Recovers from Revenge
  • Romance Plots in Background