Thread 79: Gentle Coltte is WAY in over his head here!
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Gru'uhnd's Return (Major)

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This thread starts off with most of the cast already in Gru'uhnd's clutches and sent to their respective punishments. With the help of one Ally within the Gentlement, Tavros and RD have escaped. Meanwhile, many of the others fend for themselves, with Ghost Aradia taking advantage of their ignorance of how the robot worked and moving around unseen. (Incomplete)

Major EventsEdit

  • Miss Inkwell Distracts butlers while Terezi makes shit happen. She goes Crystal God-Tier and rips a Gentleman and his guard to shreads.
  • Giga Watts extracts enough trust to get himself into a working position to Plot Against Everything. Aradia follows waiting for her opportunity to get her body back.
  • Celestia takes a risk and tasks one of her ponies with gathering the remaining heroes to try and go rescue those taken. Said group is aptly refered to as the Rescue Rangers for some reason.
  • Twlight's humming pays off, preasuring the hold of the horrorterror that tries to bind the Crystal Ponies. Now she just has to face off against the beast with the help of another Gentleman.

Minor EventsEdit

  • The remaining residents of Ponyville react to the loss of many friends. Some how, the mare who sells meat is the one who ends up being their pillar of support. Go figure.
  • Help is sent for by the ponies in Ponyville. This results in Rescue Rangers.

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