Black Harmony
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Black Harmony


Earth Pony



Cutie Mark

two sixteenth notes beamed together

Mage Specialties

Time, Force, Prime

Musical Instruments



A dark grey stallion with a white stylized mane and tail. He stands a bit taller than most stallions in the town but he wasn't as well built physically. His body type was designed for speed rather than for physical labor.

About the CharacterEdit

Black Harmony is the other half of Matthew, she holds half the power that Matthew once had, the other half going to White Aria. He doesn't remember anything...except drifting in a void of blackness. It wasn't until the one known as White Aria came into the blackness and awoke her, that she found the will to escape. She came crash landing into Fillydelphia, a violin and a set of art tools awaiting her in a box with her name, along with a message to head to Ponyville.

She didn't really question it and headed to Ponyville.

She is more sociable than White Aria, but a bit aloof and a tad cowardly when it comes to combat, not that she won't fight if there is no other option, but she is definitely not a fighter.

Other InfoEdit

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