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Dream Dance is a dark blue earth pony with a silvery mane and bright red eyes. She is also a Succubus that feeds on people's souls through kissing. She is bold and fearless for the most part, and is fairly forward about anything she wants. She owns an inn at the south edge of Ponyville, and spends most of her time there, making her semi-reclusive. She has great skill as an actress, and uses her acting skill, as well as her innkeeper status, to lure victims in so that she may feed on them while they sleep.


By Tinker: "One day Zeerkes, Adam's pony, who now washes dishes at the café, stopped by. He slept there, and in his sleep, Dream Dance kissed him and sucked a bit of his soul. Zeerkes had awful dreams, woke up, flipped his shit several times, and left. Dream Dance thinks he's an idiot. He returns later, against his better judgement, and asks for a room. Once she thinks he's asleep, Dream Dance goes in and tries to do another soul kiss. Unfortunately, Zeerkes is still awake, so Dream Dance just has to roll with it. "Roll with it," in this context, meaning "have sex with him and act like that's supposed to happen at that inn." Once he's asleep, she sucks more of his soul out. She pretty much fucking hates Zeerkes at this point.

Zeerkes saw Kava talking to Dream Dance in the café--she had never seen her before, and was blushing like an idiot--and proceeds to try to pay Dream Dance for his stay at her inn. But she won't take the money, and, instead of giving it to her himself, Zeerkes sends Tavros out as a messenger, which is all kinds of stupid because all Tavros really succeeds in doing is sitting there with a fistful of bits.

Dream Dance tells Kava she likes the interior of the café and asks Kava if she could come by her inn and advise her on the interior so she can attract more customers. Kava agrees, and Dream Dance leaves. Kava chews out Zeerkes for embarassing her, and he tells her what all's happened to him at the inn, warning her not to go. Kava doesn't believe him, and tells him he just has post-traumatic stress disorder. Now, she's much less angry at him, and advises him to seek out a therapist. He does. Unfortunately, the therapist is a quack, and only makes things worse.

Kava goes down to the inn, looks around the place, and tells Dream Dance what all she should change to improve the look. And then THEY HAVE THE LONGEST LESBIAN SHIPPING SESSION EVER"

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  • Redrom ♥ for Kava
    THIS is how to win an award by SS

    "And the award for Longest Continuous Shipping Scene in OMG8332 goes to...Dream Dance and Kava!"

  • Blackrom ♠ for Zeerkes
  • One of the holders of the "Longest Single Shipping Scene" award.