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Enki Imhotep


Alternian Troll


Enki Imhotep, also known by his Trollian handle serpentHolder, is an alternate timeline Troll. His associated zodiac sign is Ophiuchus. He has horns that are curved in the shape of reared snakes. He types in light blue with capitalization at the beginning of sentences only. He repeats the letter S as in ssssnake to mimic snake sounds.

His Trollian handle has to do with his zodiac sign which shows a man holding or fighting with a snake. The name Imhotep comes from the Egyptian astrological equivalent of Ophiuchus. His name drawn from "Enki", a Sumarian god that used the double-helix snake, or the Caduceus, (Similar to the Rod of Asclepius used to symbolize medicine.) This is also used as one of the two versions of the symbol for Ophiuchus. Ironically Enki is actually a representation of the constellation of Capricorn and not Ophiuchus.

His weapon of choice is a whip. This is because whip is the weapon most similar to a snake


Enki is from a separate timeline where he is the 13th player in the Sgrub session. Unlike the Alpha timeline in which there were only 12 players. Enki was able to join because Terezi flipped a coin to see if he could join the red team. In the Beta session The Trolls were successful and were able to beat the game and gain their universe. Enki was nonexistant in the Alpha timeline because the Alpha version of him was killed during a Flarp session a few years before the session. Because his Beta timeline is not meant to exist it is slowly deteriorating. Since Enki only exists in one timeline the Alpha timeline is attempting to equalize the timeline before beta fades. This is causing Enki to zone out in the Beta timeline while at the same time causing him to appear in the Alpha timeline. Eventually the Beta timeline will disappear and Enki will be pulled into the Alpha timeline.

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In Enki's Beta timeline the other 12 Trolls are significantly different. Some are complete opposites while others are just more or less excited about their hobbies or ambitions.

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