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Fire Gazer by SS
She is a white unicorn with a bright red mane. Her eyes are sky blue, but are usually hidden behind a pair of sunglasses. She is taller than most average ponies, and is fairly skinny. She isn't very strong, and her magic is suppressed by her sunglasses, rendering her overly useless in a fight if she's wearing them. She avoids eating a lot, as she has a small stomach, and she has a very small tolerance for spicy foods and alcohol. She is nervous most of the time and is easily embarrassed, but can be serious when she needs to be. She is a member of the Manehattan Special Investigations Unit, and was sent to Ponyville to investigate the recent strange occurances and off-worlder appearances.


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Other InfoEdit

  • Her sunglasses are a magic suppressor, and hold back her magic, as well as her agressive alter-ego named Heatwave. If her sunglasses ever come off, Heatwave takes over her body and will remain in control until the sunglasses are put back on. Because of her sunglasses, Heatwave gets control of Fire Gazer's very powerful fire magic, leaving Fire Gazer mostly useless, but making Heatwave a very dangerous force, especially considering her short temper.
  • Redrom ♥ with White Aria.
  • No longer sharing a body with Heatwave, allowing her to safely remove her glasses and use her magic.