Character Info
Firefly shrug




Pegasus Pony



Cutie Mark

Two Blue Lightning Bolts


Firefly is a pony from the past. We can call it G1 past for easy access I suppose.

Firefly is one of the main characters in teh G1 pilot of My little Pony back in the 80s

you can find more information about her by actualy watching teh G1 pilot episide

She is pink with blue mane her cutie mark is 2 lightning bolts.


Firefly lives in what we will call Medieval Equestria. They don't have the technology that ponies have in Ponyville in the G4. The population of ponies is much smaller in her time. The existence of the Nexus is evident in the G1 era because Firefly was able to go through some type of rip in space to get Megan. However many years in the future Pegasus ponies went in and out of this rip to interact with humans.

Many years later Firefly encountered a second rip. Thinking that it will be like the one she used before she thought nothing of it and went inside. Once having gone though the portal closed leaving Firefly stuck in G4 Equestria.

She recently spends her time finding out about the past to see what ever happened to the ponies from her time. Only to find that after she left her friends horrible things started happening. She however is still doing research and has no clue what are the horrible things that happened.

Other InfoEdit

Firefly thinks that because she is in the future there must be pony decendants from her. However because she is in teh future and vanished from her time that is imposible. She is not in her time to have any children of her own so there are no decendants of Firefly in G4 Equestria. Firefly is convinced that Rainbow Dash must be decentant from her because of her cutiemark.