Gamzee Makara
Mad as a hatter0.2


Gamzee Makara


Alternian Troll


Deceased(Vampire[Adventure Time])


Gamzee Makara, the still whimsical but now rather dead Alternian Troll appeared in the nexus almost completely at random. Which should have really been expected. Since being dead he has proved that behind the stoner state and the unpredictable rage lies a very potent thinkpan possible of many things.

He has also taken to speaking, and typing, quite profoundly adding extra periods between punctuation ( .. ?..? ,.., ;..; ) not that much unlike bite marks, or fangs.

He enjoys inflicting scare upon others, apparently because he either 'likes the sounds [their] insides make' or 'likes how [their] blood curdles' as well as exploiting new found strength and dexterity in acrobatics. Despite this he is the self described 'worst vampire ever' (true) as he is not in fact very good at exploiting his condition. He has taken to attatching himself fondly to 'Alice in Wonderland'-esque madness (specifically the role of the Mad Hatter) apparently due to how well the story matches up with his opinion on the nexus.


"it was just a bad day..we had a bad day once didnt we?..?"

"we had a bad day,.., and then everything changed.."


Gamzee pre-death

Before dying Gamzee fell through into the Nexus as normal as ever. He first became 'sober' when under the impression that he was useless on slime (true) and that he'd be more help off it (false). This was in fact, 'a bad day.' This happened again, but more controlled, when it was discovered the homeroom sopor slime was worse than alternia slime, and did 'jack shit', slowly but surely driving him back to his old ways.

This was quickly ceased however by Marceline the Vampire queen. She eventually lifted him up off the ground when attacked by a sober and angry Gamzee in an empty homeroom chamber (later becomming their hideout) about 'six stories' according to Gamzee. He let go when reality hit him over what he was doing and, as expected, died. Only to be woken by Marceline with a clean think pan, newfound strength, a new enemy in gravity and a rather sinister sense of humor. (And a long fucking tongue) Powers so far including but not limited to 'speedy-shit', mist-form, very basic shapeshifting, being a bit STRONG-er than usual, high observation, high dexterity and the power to be completely and utterly owned by sunlight, which apparently is not the best of powers to have.

Dat tongue2

Gamzee post death, aka 'Gamula'

Currently however, Gamula has settled down rather easily, taking it onto himself (but recently quitting) watching the breed of vampire/'rainbowdrinker hoofbeasts' in the local area, with some very mild and vague involvment with the Midnight Crew. He continues to be a whimsical hatter-esque clown since reading and relating to 'Alice in Wonderland' (courtesy of one of Marcelines bookcases in their hideout) and will almost always offer others possibly blood laced tea. Trying to enjoy the best of what being undead has to offer, which is apparently a lot more than being doped up on sopor slime.