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Giga Watts


Giga Watts


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1.21 Gigawatt Capacitor Symbol




Giga Watts is a smaller stallion with brown fur and silver-grey mane and tail. He seems to be particularly fond of wearing goggles (because they're less creepy then his actual eyes) and a lab coat. He's fond of the coat due to the idea of 'pockets.' He has a strange genetic disease which caused his pupils to be misshapen, giving them a more rectangular appearance. He has very little color to his eyes as well, what little there is being a dark grey that weaves away from his pupils like wire. His periphery vision is terrible, and has a quite literal case of tunnel vision going on all the time unless his goggles are on.


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Other InfoEdit

  • Created (more or less by Neon) for me on my first visit to Ponychan. The first thread I posted in was a game where you hit 'Random' on TV Tropes and ended up with a pony somehow representing that trope. I somehow ended up with a whole OC that represents 'Homemade Inventions.'
  • Has a strong scientific mind, but isn’t exactly sound of mind. ( Occasionally mistaken for pony Mordin )
  • Created the EDF’s Computerized Spell Matrix (CoSMa) and the Dimensional Attenuation Matrix Network (DAMN)
  • Is the only known pony to make electronics feel violated.