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Koba is a crystal pony Shaper with slate gray fur and cobalt blue eyes and hooves. He also has small, cobalt blue crystals all across his body in a bilateral pattern. His mane and tail are formed of long, thick, pointed strands of cobalt blue light that flow loosely with his movement. He wears a necklace of large, orange, spherical crystals with runes engraved on them around his neck. The crystals are bound to each other with magic, and Koba can ~Sing to break the bonds and rearrange their order without removing the necklace. The order of the crystals determines the function of the magic necklace when Koba ~Sings to activate it.

Koba is a calm and balanced individual. His ~Songs give others the impression of cool water and smooth stones. Naturally, he lives in a grotto full of blue and orange crystal growth just a short distance away from Ponyville. It is worth mentioning that he grows his crystals so that the orange ones are magic mechanisms of sorts, while the blue ones ~Sing soothing music.

Koba Crystals

The colors of Koba's crystals.

thumb|left|182px|Koba's peaceful ~Song.

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