We use this program, based on the program in the ‘webcomic’ Homestuck, known as Pesterchum, to do some OOC communication to the side. You can find the program here.

You will usually find us all in the Memo #OMG8332. Feel free to add yourself to the list.

Player HandlesEdit

  • Giga Watts: secondVendetta, macrosoftBob, gigaWatts, tsundredStallion, facelessVoice
  • Nerdlinger: chaoticMage, Fluttershy, nerdLinger,
  • Autumn Sonata: autumnSonata, adorableToreador, suspiciousMobilizer, squawkingPrecedent, leFuu, beatSprite
  • Dr. Gonzo: Termina11yCapricious, excaliBur, diamondsDroog, trollDeath
  • Rainbow Dash: rainbowDash (obviously) Also sometimes but rarityely manlySpike and explodingTumbleweed when I’m really bored.
  • Fire Gazer/Laharl: chaoticPunishment, ghostlyMotherfucker
  • Enki: scorePan, fireFly serpentHolder
  • Gentle Coltte of Leisure: mustacheMonopoly
  • Guile, Lost Vegi; Oh wow I actually have a lot of characters: quasimodosCarrier, imperfectQuickster, and Jeit when I'm on the IRC
  • Eridan Ampora: eridanAmpora (I got most of these lazy bums on pesterchum.) Oh really? Yarly. Lolno
  • Trixie/!Equius: alternatingShades/ trixieShades
  • Aradia: sweetApocalypse (tell me shes n0t sweet. typing quirk might manifest anyway)
  • Starry Skies/Zecora/Applejack: usually starrySkies, but also equineRhyme or starrierSkies
  • ♏arachnidsGrip: spidersVise
  • Tinker: aestheticTechnologist
  • Grand Advisier Karkat Vantas: grandAdvisier

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