Sketch Binder is a notorious "Gentleman Thief" (in quotes? Cute) and is amongst the Police Force's most wanted.
It is suspected that the criminal is a male earth pony of dark navy blue coloration. Confirmed criminal symbols include a "Sharp" blue fedora in upper class style and a crimson red domino mask covering the eyes. Suspect seems to think covering their cheekbones will protect their identity from police scanners. (it's working so far, isn't it?)

Cutie Mark is unknown at this time, as the suspect covers up their mark with a strange bonding substance. (...Duct tape. It's duct tape. Upper class duct tape, yes, but come ON.)

Suspect was previously known to carry a "Shadow Bag of Tricks" which contained all known thieving gear. Bag was later confiscated at the scene of the Celestia Palace Heist. Bag is a worn and ragged burlap roll-up sheet, smells of cheap perfume (HEY! I liked that bag! And it's Fragrant Aftershave, for the love of Luna.) It is believed that the suspect now uses a briefcase with numerous "useful" stolen artefacts and gadgets molded inside it.

Suspect is concidered dangerous, appears to be very adept at dispatching multiple foes non-lethally, even when taken by suprise. (I've studied Pugilism, like all nobility.)

Dispite being an Earth Pony, Sketch seems to have super-pony dexterity, especially when it comes to picking locks.

Criminal HistoryEdit


Mane Men Mansion TheftEdit

Description: Known Mafia family, the Mane Men had their Mansion and subsiquently their Vault broken into.

Items Confirmed Stolen:

One (1) Small, Uninteresting box artefact

500,000 bits worth of bonds and laundered money

Three (3) priceless Ming vases

Other notes:

25 members of the Mane Men's "Hired Help" found unconcious throughout the Mansion. Several members of the Mane Men themselves were found defenstrated and located upon an ornate gold chandileer in the main lobby.

Celestia Palace HeistEdit

Description: ############

Items Confirmed Stolen: ############

Other notes: ###########

Sugarcube Corner RumpusEdit


Items Confirmed Stolen:

Five (5) Boxes of Powdered Doughnuts

Two (2) Cupcakes (special order)

One (1) "Big Fancy Super Amazing" Cake (special order) (Containing the Voltez Ruby in it's creamy center)

Other notes: Calling Card was left on Serving Counter, along with ten (10) bits. (For the doughnuts)

Other InformationEdit

Has known holdings in the reconstruction efforts of Ponyville.

Has several abodes throughout Equestria.

Is very attached to his hat.

Has corrupted the minds of several youngsters, hoping to establish a NINJA SCHOOL.


Catagory: Criminal

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