Character Info
Sollux Captor
"ii don't giive two 2hiit2. go bug 2omeone el2e."


Sollux Captor


Alternian Troll


Sollux Captor, also known by his Trollian handle, twinArmageddons, is a high-level psionic and talented technologist. He has a habit of self-deprication, and often tells people he is "okay with computers," which is, of course, a massive understatement.

He is actually apeshit bananas with computers.

Because of his zodiac sign of Gemini, he has a penchant for bifurcation and duality, often splitting things into red and blue. His appearance even emphasizes duality: he has two sets of horns instead of one, glasses with heterochromatic lenses, and two mismatched shoes. He's kind of an irritable asshole, and often undergoes moodswings.

Crystal Cavern Optic Blast 2

Sollux blasts the ceiling of the cavern.

Re2piiteblock wiithout 2ollux

Sollux's respiteblock in The Homeroom.


Sollux's suit of powered armor.


When The Nexus first pulled Sollux into this universe, he found himself in The Gentle Coltte's Manor with Terezi Pyrope and Trixie. The three of them went exploring, despite Miss Inkwell's warnings. They ended up in the observatory, where Miss Inkwell bashed Sollux's face in with a whip, accidentally knocking him into the launch button. This sent the observatory into space. It came crashing down back into the manor, and, though Sollux survived, he did not wake up until days later, deep inside the crystal caverns. When he did, he snapped awake with a migraine and accidentally fired a powerful optic blast that damaged the Forerunner installation there. This alerted Seeker to his presence, who came and teleported him to Ponyville.

He moved into The Homeroom with the other trolls, claiming room #22 as his own. He made it to resemble his respiteblock back on Alternia. There are hieroglyphs scribbled on the walls, beehouse mainframes placed here and there, throwing stars (Sollux's weapon of choice) scattered around, and a suit of powered armor posed in the corner. Sollux has been learning how to use inorganic systems (as he's already very good with organic systems, hence the beehouse mainframes) in increasingly complex ways, and, yes, has built himself a suit of powered armor. He was inspired to do so after designing the technologically-advanced weapons and armor of the now-defunct Equestrian Defense Force. He doesn't use it often because his psionics are mostly useless inside of it, but when a battle calls for a strong defense, the suit is his best option. So far, he's only used it once.

Sollux is nearly always watching Ponyville through his surveillance cameras.

He is also addicted to coffee. Cappuccino, specifically.