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Syringa Meadows




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A lilac blooming from a lightning-strike


My Little Pony, World of Darkness


She's the most adoribloodthirsty pony in play. She's of average pony height, with above average horn size ... well, until it was broken 3/4th the way up (too lazy to edit pic). She is also very, very deranged. She seems to have the mentality of a child, worrying mostly about fun and play. What she finds fun, however, seems to be the recieving and inflicting of pain. She does, however, have her moments of clarity.


Information gathered by the Nosferatu-

Stalliongrade lies in charred ruins under an ever darkened sky, black pillars of smoke show,
without a doubt, this is now dragon territory. There was so little left within the rubble, and those who survived believed the town was to blame for its own destruction, however it truly leads back to a few individuals, and a horrible accident.
Syringa Nature Meadows was born in Stalliongrade, but raised in Canterlot. She found her talent in her aptitude for electricity-based spells. She had several options before her, but even before she was to graduate from the Canterlot academy returned to her place of birth where she believed the offensive capabilities of her magic could be put to use. At a young age she became a major policing force for the city consistently under-siege by predators. It wasn't long before she rescued a mare a few seasons younger than herself from a juvenile dragon. This mare showed promise, and a genuine interest in real magic, not those petty parlor tricks known by most unicorns; and so the youngest, most prestigious mage in Stalliongrade took on an apprentice earlier in her life than anypony had expected. She and the blue unicorn mare, along with a small group of others, kept the city safer than it had been since its founding. One year, however, something other than gryphons or dragons threatened the city, but very few believed or noticed it.
Before what was known as the "slow year," there were reports of ponies disappearing, and more bodies than usual slumped lifeless in alleyways. How exactly it happened is unknown, but Syringa found herself Embraced by the one causing these disturbances... and joined the list of those missing for a time. The only reports of her during the slow year state she had come down with a mysterious illness, and was being cared for by her apprentice. Meanwhile more ponies continued to disappear, and several of the occasional bar brawls had been fatal. Those where the extent of the unusual reports until the town's razing. It seemed that there were two individuals left that could give more information on this topic. The now deranged and childish master, or her apprentice who as taken up a life in ponyville.

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  • Weiss happens to be the one in charge of keeping her from breaking the Masquerade, as well as the one who will be incharge of carrying out her punishment should she fail to remain hidden.