A Visual of the 4 Quadrants of Troll Relationships.

The Shipping Wall

Please, only post Known ships and likely ships in this section. Fluttershy keeps a watch on this section.

About the Classification of Relationships

We use Alternian troll romance terms to classify the relationships in our roleplay. These terms are even applied, somewhat loosely, to the relationships of the non-troll members of the cast.

Red Romance (“Redrom”)

A matespritship (♥)is a sexual relationship between two people with strong feelings of affection for each other. It is not necessarily a stable, loving relationship. It is represented by a heart.

A moirallegience (♦) is a nonsexual relationship between two close friends wherein the aggressive friend protects the passive friend, while the passive friend keeps the aggressive friend in line. It is represented by a diamond.

Black Romance (“Blackrom”)

A kismesissitude (♠) is a sexual relationship between two people with strong feelings of hatred for each other. It differs from platonic hatred in that killing or otherwise defeating one’s kismesis is discouraged. It is represented by a spade.

An auspistice (♣) is a nonsexual relationship among three people wherein one person acts as the mediator between the other two, who would not be able to have a functioning relationship otherwise. It is represented by a club.

In conclusion, troll romance is confusing.

The Wall

This has all of our active, possible, and dead relationships.

Ships at Sea

  • Terezi ♥ Vriska
  • Terezi ♦ Aradia
  • Trixie ♥ Twilight
  • Excalibur ♥ Excalibur
  • This Series ♥ You
  • Starry Skies ♥ His Cloud
  • White Aria ♥ Fire Gazer
  • Dream Dance ♥ Kava
  • Dream Dance ♠ White Aria

Ships at the Docks

  • Starry Skies ♥ Rainbow Dash
  • Rarity ♥ Fluttershy
  • Gentle Coltte ♥ Miss Inkwell
  • Gentle Coltte ♥ Rarity
  • Vriska ♠ Gentle Coltte

Sunken Ships

  • Saumare ♥ Gamzee
  • Matthew ♥ Rainbow Dash
  • Trixie x Twilight (Mediator) x Matthew ♣
  • Matthew ♥ Fire Gazer
  • Gamee ♥ Aradia
  • Dream Dance ♠ Zeerkes