Character Info
The Neophyte




Earth Pony (Vampire)




Tremere Neophyte


A dark grey poney with purple mane and tale, quieter, and often paired with the deranged malkavian Syringa. He was fairly tall, with a short mane and tail, and a pair of glasses to help him see.


He was a Librarian before being a Tremere, he would spend night after night alone, reading books, and it was his own little world. It was a boring world though, he never really had any friends, nor did he really care to meet anyone. However it wasn't until the day Altair entered. He was a pony of knowledge, and would spend hours discussing topics of interest, listening to Weiss' ideas and giving him pointers on how to correct his mode of thought. Altair used these conversations to groom Weiss, to allow him to contemplate joining him in the eternal embrace of the Tremere Clan.

It was the Night of Weiss' birthday when it finally happened. Altair came in with the proposition of joining him in the clan. At the time, Weiss had no idea that he would be embraced into the forever life of a vampire. Weiss was able to quickly adapt to the life of a vampire, though, his attitude darkened a bit. He now has an aggressive streak. He earned Altair's trust and favor as he continued his studies, learning several of the Thaumaturgy lines of magic. Altair was quite impressed by Weiss's abilities and quickly made Weiss his favorite Neophyte student.

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