Character Info
Banner normal Zeerkes
Banner, one of the Lost Vegi




Scary Goast Poni


5 male, 1 female

Special property

Really confusing ghost powers

Cutie Mark

All of them blank flank


An assortment of spirits from Coltorado (two towns, Lost Vegas and Lost Angeles meshed into a state) inhabiting an assortment of bodies. Currently there are three, one that looks like Dream Dance if she were pink, the one you see in the picture, and a red and white pony. While the red and white body is incorporeal, the other two are completely "there" and can be killed, cut, hugged, all that good stuff. The bodies are also inhabited by a clueless ghost from Lost Angeles. He thinks he's Zeerkes and believes he is alive. The others (Who are from Lost Vegi) are currently working to get rid of him. (EDIT: The Lost Angeli's soul was completely eaten by Dream Dance after she had gone a few days without food.)


Oh jeez don't even START with that.

(Will update when I have finished the backstory)

Other InfoEdit

Banner is the most common one inhabiting the body, and he has the most control over it as well.

The ghost's powers are as follows:

Zeerkes (the real one, not the Lost Angeli.): has control over electricity and extreme control over luck and small events.

Banner: Has the ability to steal an aspect of someone's power for around one minute, but has to cooldown for two afterwards.

Roller: Pyrokineses, that's all that really needs to be said.

Mikey: Basically, the ability to shapeshift and become invisible. Anything that "Makes Mikey something he's not."

Miley: She's a witch. Book full of spells and a broom. You know the deal.

Mark Point: He's incredibly strong, and can use ranged weapons to great effect. Also, very good eyesight.

Each one can mess with the bodies' physical features as they please.

The bodies themselves can only be inhabited by certain Lost Vegi. It goes as follows:

Dream Dance body: Miley, Mark, Banner, Mikey, and maybe Lost Angeli.

Ghost Body: Mikey, Mark, and Banner

Banner Body (Was Zeerkes, but Banner changed it to better match himself.): Lost Angeli, Banner, Roller, and Mark.

The real Zeerkes is currently in Coltorado in a form of cryogenic stasis, as are the Lost Vegi's bodies. The Lost Angeli has no body because he is dead.

Lost Angeli (Who from now on until infinite is LA) is redrom for just about everypony. This is because one of the glitches in the curse made it so all of the gushy feelings from the Lost Vegi got concentrated into LA. This pretty much makes him the most useless pony in the world, because he's constantly tripping over himself with his crush on Kava and he even still has a crush on Dream Dance after all they've been through.